Guidance for the members who support withdrawals via API.

When your policies allow withdrawals through API, compliance with the Travel Rule is still mandatory. The most common method is to pre-register and manage an address book for API withdrawals. Below is an example process for registration.

Sample UI for Managing an Address Book

Sample API Guide


When processing actual withdrawals, we recommended complying with the Travel Rule using the registered information first, then executing on-chain transactions after receiving a valid response.

Request Crypto Currency Withdrawal

POST: <>


assetType of crypto currency, required
quantityAmount to withdraw
addressAddress to withdraw
tagSecondary address such as tag or memo

Withdrawal Methods Compliant with the Travel Rule

Withdrawals are allowed once authorization is granted through the Travel Rule solution, regardless of the amount. Address book can be registered though a page built(refer to the [Sample UI for Managing an Address Book](Sample UI for Managing an Address Book) section).

When registering withdrawal address, please verify first that the beneficiary VAPS is on the transfer allowed list.