UI reference

When integrating a Travel Rule solution, Originating VASPs are required to record the beneficiary's wallet address and associated VASP details. Generally, his data is collected by enabling users to input (or select) the receiving VASP during the withdrawal process, which may lead to necessary changes in the user interface.

To Deposit

In the first example image, there is a field titled 'Recipient Name in English' that users can edit. This is automatically filled in once the user completes KYC. Since it is stored on the platform, it removes the necessity for multiple entries.

The second example image also displays the name of the recipient. It's essential for users to be aware of their exact name as registered with the exchange, since this is used for Travel Rule compliance verification. For user convenience, the registered name is presented next to the address, avoiding the need for separate verification steps.

To Withdraw

In the example screen, users are shown a list of receiving VASPs (beneficiary exchanges) and are allowed to make a selection. Travel Rule verification is verified using the combination of the selected exchange and the user's name. The list of receiving VASPs does not necessarily have to be implemented as a drop-down, but it must be presented in a format that allows user selection.

Additionally, it is common to inform users of the list of exchanges which withdrawals are possible as shown in the example on the right, through a separate FAQ section or similar.