Change the status of the asset transfer details to the requested status.




This API is used in the following cases:

  • Originator VASP has to notify the status of on-chain transaction to the beneficiary VASP when the on-chain transaction has failed.
  • When the originator VASP received 'verified' in 'Asset Transfer Authorization' stage from the beneficiary, VASP but it determined not to send the on-chain transaction.

A calling side, which call this API, is not compulsory but the implementation on VASP side is required to process a request.

API action specification

  1. Finds the asset transfer information corresponding to the request's transferId and updates the status.
  2. canceled status can be changed when the previous status of denied or not fully terminated and change it to terminated.
  3. If the request tries to change the state of an asset transfer that has already ended, return an ILLEGAL_STATEFLOW error.
  4. Allows to change the status of an asset transfer to canceled if it is already canceled.



transferId: This is UUID assigned to the an asset transfer authorization request. It notifies the result of asset reflection for the corresponding transaction.

status: It indicates the status of whether the virtual asset has been reflected in the user account or not.

-canceled: This is a status where a blockchain transaction has not been sent or canceled after being sent. (If canceled permanently)

reasonType: This code indicates the reason if status is beneficiary-denied or canceled. (reasonType is the same as address search and asset transfer request API. This may contain unnecessary items. Please do not use this.)

-NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS: This is a case where a virtual asset address cannot be found.

-NOT_SUPPORTED_SYMBOL: This is a currency symbol which cannot be traded.

-NOT_KYC_USER: This is a case where the owner did not process KYC verification.

-SANCTION_LIST: Virtual asset addresses or owners are subject to the sanction of the beneficiary VASP.

-LACK_OF_INFORMATION: This is a case where there is no the information necessary to make an asset transfer decision.

-UNKNOWN: This refers to other reasons.

  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002",
  "status": "canceled",
  "reasonType": "LACK_OF_INFORMATION"



transferId: This is an ID to distinguish asset transfer transactions in all APIs (CODE is created in the verification result.)

result: This is the result of receiving originating information.

-normal: The request was processed correctly, the transaction status is marked as closed.

-error: If status change is not possible

reasonType: If the result value is error, a value which identifies the detailed reason.

-UNKNOWN_TRANSFER_ID: If the Transfer ID cannot be found

-ILLEGAL_STATEFLOW: This is a state flow which is not allowed. This is a case where change is not allowed from the current state to the update state.

-UNKNOWN: This is another error. Other solutions sometimes do not return errors, and in this case, this error is returned.

  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002",
  "result": "error",
  "reasonType": "ILLEGAL_STATEFLOW"