Apply the transferred asset transfer result (Transaction ID) to the asset transfer details.




The originator VASP transfers the assets on the blockchain and sends the result of the transaction to the beneficiary VASP. This is an API for receiving this result.

API action specification

  1. Find asset transfer information with 'transferId'.
  2. Update the 'txid' value of the asset transfer information found, and change the asset transfer status to confirmed.
  3. If there already exists the 'txid' related to the 'transferId' provided, then beneficiary VASP should return normal when the both 'txid's are identical, otherwise returns an error.


Until version 1.6, the received Transaction ID was provided at a stage where the blockchain transaction could not fail, but now it can fail. In such cases, the VASP transferring the assets will call the Asset Transfer Termination API again.


transferIdRequiredstringThis is UUID assigned to an asset transfer authorization request. It updates the asset transfer result to the corresponding transaction.
txidRequiredstringThis is a transaction ID generated from virtual asset transfer. This is the information generated on each blockchain.
voutOptionalstringFor the utxo type coin, multiple txids can be created so that vout is required to distinguish unique txids.
  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002",
  "txid": "311BFF73D9B7969CCF1042186180159C724FAB59013A7A034A93E5FB9D6BAFE6",
  "vout": ""



transferId: This is an ID to distinguish asset transfer transactions in all APIs

result: This is the result of receiving originating information.

-normal: normal processing

-error: If status change is not possible

reasonType: If the result value is error, a value which identifies the detailed reason.

-TXID_ALREADY_EXISTS: You are trying to store a different TXID for an asset transfer that already has a TXID stored. Once a TXID is created, it may fail, but it cannot be changed.

-TRANSFER_ALREADY_FAILED: You cannot send a TXID if the blockchain transaction status of corresponding to the TransferId, already failed.

-UNKNOWN_TRANSFER_ID: TransferID cannot be found.

-UNKNOWN: Unkown error.

  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002",
  "result": "normal",
  "reasonType": "TXID_ALREADY_EXISTS"