This API is to respond to 'Search VASP by TXID'.




This API should be implemented to respond to the 'Search VASP by TXID Request', which is sent by the beneficiary VASP to identify the originating VASP for a specific TXID after the asset has been transferred.

API action specification

  1. Verify if the TXID has been originated from your side based on txid and vout.
    1. vout is optionl.
    2. Retrieve the TXID for any currency.
  2. The whole process shall be completed within 1 second.



txid: It is a unique value used to identify a specific transaction executed on the blockchain for virtual asset transfer. It is unique and generated by the blockchain API.

vout: An identifier for UTXO-type coins, used when multiple blockchain transactions share a single TXID and form a group.

What is vout?

  "txid": "311BFF73D9B7969CCF1042186180159C724FAB59013A7A034A93E5FB9D6BAFE6",
  "vout": ""


Please respond to the 'Virtual Asset Address Lookup' request as follows.


result: Result for a request.

-valid: When the TXID is found.

-invalid: When the TXID was not found.

  "result": "valid"