Query the results for a 'Search VASP by Wallet' request.


This search targets only the user wallets(capable of receiving deposits) associated with VASPs. It does not include the cold wallets of VASPs.

Path Parameter

requestIdRequiredstring'requestId' sent when requesting a 'Search VASP by Wallet'.



result: This is the request result.

-valid: When the wallet search results are returned successfully.

-invalid: When the wallet search result is invalid. The detailed information can be distinguished by the reasonType value.

reasonType: If the response is invalid, it explains the reason.

-NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS: When the virtual asset address cannot be found.

-LACK_OF_INFORMATION: When the requestId cannot be found.

-PROCESSING: The search has not been completed. Please wait and then request again. More than 10 seconds intervals are recommended.

reasonMsg: Defines a detailed message in case of invalidity.

beneficiaryVaspEntityId: VASP's 'entityId' identified in the search results.

requestId: 'requestId' used during the request.

analysisResult: The details of the search results are as follows. The response comes as an array of objects in the form below.

- entityId: This is the entityId of the searched VASP.

- result: This is the search result. There can be three possible outcomes. NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS, FOUND, SYSTEM_NOT_AVAILABLE means that the system of the concerned VASP is not functioning properly, and as a result, the information cannot be received. If this situation occurs and the result is invalid - NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS, the result may not be conclusive.

    "entityId": "bithumb",
    "result": "NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS"