Query the VASP to which the wallet address belongs.

A VASP intending to transfer virtual assets might integrate this API at the initial step of the process. It will help identify the VASP to which the beneficiary's wallet address(address + tag(optional)) belongs.

This API allows the elimination of a process where users select an exchange on the UI, enabling more streamlined flow. Even more, it proves highly beneficial when the user is unaware of the counterpart VASP.


This search targets only the user wallets(capable of receiving deposits) associated with VASPs. It does not include the cold wallets of VASPs.

A valid result will be returned only if the counterpart VASP is a member of the CODE alliance. The 'NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS' response indicates that either the beneficiary is not a CODE member, or the address could not be found temporarily due to a server issue with a member VASP.

This operates using an asynchronous method; you need to query result after you request separately.


currencyRequiredThe symbol of the virtual asset you wish to transfer. (Case insensitive)
addressNumberRequiredBeneficiary's wallet address. Attach secondary addresses like tag or memo after a ':' delimiter.
requestIdRequiredThis is the request ID for querying the result. It must be unique.
    "currency": "xrp",
    "addressNumber": "rHcFoo6a9qT5NHiVn1THQRhsEGcxtYCV4d:memo or tag",
    "requestId": "fafd59e2-aff7-4cff-b7d8-9caa0cda70da"


resultRequiredResult for a request.

result: Result for a request.

-SUCCESS: Returned in the case of a valid request