Request the blockchain transaction status of a specific asset transfer detail to the originating VASP.

Sometimes, a VASP who has been transferred an asset needs to know the status of the blockchain transaction of the VASP who transferred the asset.

This API is not an API to look up the asset transfer details of the counterpart VASP, but the API for the beneficiary VASP to know the blockchain transaction status of the originating VASP. This can be used in the followings.

  • When the beneficiary VASP wants to check if the txid has been updated in the asset transfer details before an asset transfer transaction occurs on the blockchain and is reflected in the user's asset information, but if the status of its own asset transfer information is not confirmed, or wants to request the transaction status of an asset transfer to the originating VASP.
  • When a response for an asset transfer authorization request has been sent, but the asset was not transferred, or the VASP wants to request the transaction status of the corresponding asset transfer to the originating VASP.


Please note that the behavior has changed in the existing API specification. This is an API that looks up the transaction status, not the asset transfer details.

Path Parameter

OriginatingVaspEntityIdRequiredstringThis shall be entered as the EntityID of the VASP who sends the asset which is transferred.



transferId: This is UUID assigned to the an asset transfer authorization request. It updates the asset transfer result to the corresponding transaction.

  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002"


txidRequired or Optionalstring

transferId: This is an ID to distinguish asset transfer transactions in all APIs.

status: This is a status of an asset transfer transaction managed by the counterpart VASP.

-pending: This is a status in which, for some reason, a blockchain transaction has not yet been sent and is waiting.

-processing: A transaction was sent to the blockchain, but it is waiting for mining.

-wait-confirm: It has been checked that the blockchain transactions had been mined, but finality has not yet been obtained.

-confirmed: The blockchain transactions have been mined and finality has been obtained.

-canceled: This is a status where a blockchain transaction has not been sent or canceled after being sent. (If canceled permanently)

txid: This is a transaction ID generated for virtual asset transfer. This is the information generated on each blockchain. Required when status is confirmed.

vout: For the utxo type coin, multiple txids can be created so that vout is required to distinguish unique txids.