Query the results for a 'Search VASP by TXID' request.


The scope of this search is restricted to CODE members. TXIDs generated by Non-CODE member won't be found.

Path Parameter

requestIdRequiredstring'requestId' sent when requesting a 'Search VASP by TXID'.



result: This is the request result.

-valid: When the TXID search results are returned successfully.

-invalid: When the TXID search result is invalid. The detailed information can be distinguished by the reasonType value.

reasonType: If the response is invalid, it explains the reason.

-NOT_FOUND_TXID: When the TXID cannot be found.

-LACK_OF_INFORMATION: When the requestId cannot be found.

-PROCESSING: The search has not been completed. Please wait and then request again. More than 10 seconds intervals are recommended.

reasonMsg: Defines a detailed message in case of invalidity.

vaspEntityId: VASP's 'entityId' identified in the search results.

requestId: 'requestId' used during the request.

analysisResult: The details of the search results are as follows. The response comes as an array of objects in the form below.

- entityId: This is the entityId of the searched VASP.

- result: This is the search result. There can be three possible outcomes. NOT_FOUND_TXID, FOUND, SYSTEM_NOT_AVAILABLE means that the system of the concerned VASP is not functioning properly, and as a result, the information cannot be received. If this situation occurs and the result is invalid - NOT_FOUND_TXID, the result may not be conclusive.

    "entityId": "bithumb",
    "result": "NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS"

# Example