Query the originating VASP by TXID.

In the case where an anonymous transaction has made, you can verify if it was generated from one of CODE members, and query the entity ID by calling this API.


The scope of this search is restricted to CODE members. TXIDs generated by Non-CODE member won't be found.

This API searches for TXID originators only among CODE members. A NOT_FOUND_TXID response indicates that the TXID was either generated by a non-CODE member or there was a temporary server issue.

Send requests in asynchronous method, query results through 'Search VASP by TXID Result' API.


voutOptionalAn identifier for UTXO-type coins, used when multiple blockchain transactions share a single TXID and form a group.
requestIdRequiredThis is the request ID for querying the result. It must be unique.
  "txid": "311BFF73D9B7969CCF1042186180159C724FAB59013A7A034A93E5FB9D6BAFE6",
  "vout": "",
  "requestId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002"


resultRequiredResult for a request.

result: Result for a request.

-SUCCESS: Returned in the case of a valid request