Request the counterpart VASP to change the status of the asset transfer details.

If the asset transfer process is interrupted or fails from the originator VASP, the beneficiary VASP may be stuck in an infinite wait state because it is not aware of this situation. To avoid this, the originator should inform the beneficiary VASP.

This API is used in the following cases:

  1. When the originator VASP received an verified response for the asset transfer authorization request, but the originator VASP need to notify the beneficiary VASP that it terminates the process without transferring the assets by its internal judgment.
  2. This is used to notify the beneficiary VASP when an asset transfer transaction fails on the blockchain.

VASPs calling this API must be able to determine whether the response from the target VASP is a success or failure. If an error is received or a request timeout occurs, caller should implement periodic retry logic to resend the request. For this purpose, an attempted change to the same state is considered a success.

Path Parameter

BeneficiaryVaspEntityIdRequiredstringThis shall be entered as the EntityID of the VASP that owns the address to which the asset was transferred.



transferId: This is UUID assigned to the an asset transfer authorization request. It notifies the result of asset reflection for the corresponding transaction.

status: It indicates the status of whether the virtual asset has been reflected in the user account or not.

-canceled: This is a status where a blockchain transaction has not been sent or canceled after being sent. (If canceled permanently)

reasonType: This code indicates the reason if status is canceled. (reasonType is the same as address search and asset transfer request API. Please select and use only the items you need.)

-NOT_FOUND_ADDRESS: This is a case where a virtual asset address cannot be found.

-NOT_SUPPORTED_SYMBOL: This is a currency symbol which cannot be traded.

-NOT_KYC_USER: This is a case where the owner did not process KYC verification.

-SANCTION_LIST: Virtual asset addresses or owners are subject to the sanction of the beneficiary VASP.

-LACK_OF_INFORMATION: This is a case where there is no the information necessary to make an asset transfer decision.

-UNKNOWN: This refers to other reasons.

  "transferId": "b09c8d00-8da9-11ec-b909-0242ac120002",
  "status": "canceled",
  "reasonType": "SANCTION_LIST"



transferId: This is an ID to distinguish asset transfer transactions in all APIs (CODE is created in the verification result.)

result: This is the result of receiving originating information.

-normal: The request was processed correctly, the transaction status is marked as closed.

-error: If status change is not possible

reasonType: If the result value is error, a value which identifies the detailed reason.

-UNKNOWN_TRANSFER_ID: If the Transfer ID cannot be found

-ILLEGAL_STATEFLOW: This is a state flow which is not allowed. This is a case where change is not allowed from the current state to the update state.

-UNKNOWN: This the case that does not belong to the above categories. Other integrated travel rule solutions may not return reasonType, and it returns this error.