This explains the APIs that need to be implemented to facilitate deposit processing.

During the operation of CODE's Travel Rule solution, VASPs not only send requests but also process requests sent by counterpart VASPs.

Since responding to a counterpart VASP's request essentially means processing a deposit to user's wallet, which makes it just as crucial as requesting as the originator VASP. Thus, all members are required to implement APIs that operate according to set standards, enabling them to handle requests sent by other VASPs.

You need to implement a total of 8 API endpoints. In this case,
please allow access rights to all VASP APIs for 'entityId': 'codevasp'❗.

  1. Virtual Asset Address Search
  2. Asset Transfer Authorization
  3. Report Transfer Result (TX Hash)
  4. Transaction Status Search
  5. Finish Transfer
  6. Health Check
  7. Search VASP by TXID
  8. Asset Transfer Data Request

These 8 are essential to implement, and for individual requirements, please refer to the Response API guide.

After completing deployment in the development environment, next step is to test it on the dashboard. Refer to the [Beneficiary Test] page for detailed information.