Please make sure to check the following list before going live!

✅Have you created a dashboard account?

Please access the CODE dashboard to create an account. You can create an account with your business email(authentication via domain). It is necessary for originator/beneficiary test and checking usage purpose. If there is a problem with account creation, please request assistance from the CODE team via Slack or email.

✅Have you registered the Host URL on the dashboard?

If the Host URL is not registered, API requests cannot be made. Please register the development and production URLs separately on the 'Env Management' page of the dashboard. The URL for development can be changed at any time, while changing the production URL requires approval from the CODE team.

✅Have you registered the IP Whitelist on the dashboard?

If the IP whitelist is not registered, API requests cannot be made. Please request changes to the development and production IP whitelists separately on the 'Travel Rule IP WhiteList' page of the dashboard. It may take some time for the request to be processed.

✅Have you don originator and beneficiary test through the dashboard?

To verify that the transmission and reception environment is properly set up, it is necessary to complete originator and beneficiary tests in the development environment. These can be done through the dashboard. For more details, please refer to the Originator Test and Beneficiary Test pages. CODE team will provide feedbacks if necessary.

✅Have you verified the method when the address itself contains a colon (':')?

If a wallet address includes a Memo or Tag, or like Kaspa, the address itself contains a colon, an additional processing step is required. It is agreed to validate by splitting at the rightmost colon. For more details, please check the Verify Wallet Address page.

✅Do you need to manage the list of VASPs available for withdrawal?

Even after the integration with CODE, some VASPs may require additional Due Diligence(DD) to accept withdrawal. Therefore, directly displaying the list obtained through 'VASP List Search' on the UI might cause confusion. If necessary, according to the withdrawal process, please manage a separate list of VASPs that are available for ---withdrawal.

✅Have you checked if you are subject to Travel Rule compliance?

Whether you are subject to the Travel Rule depends on the country in which the VASP is registered or licensed. For example, operators of virtual asset businesses in Korea must comply with the Travel Rule according to Korean legislation.