Please consult this page first for any inquiries not addressed in the development guide.

What is the communication channel for development-related matters?

CODE support members through Slack. After signing the contract, a separate Slack channel will be opened and members will be invited.

Is it mandatory to use CODE-Cipher?

It's mandatory for ID Connect. Other than ID connect, it is not obligatory, but it can significantly reduce development time.

How often should the 'VASP List Search' API be called?

The list of VASPs integrated with CODE does not fluctuate enough to require real-time queries. Therefore, for cost-efficient operation, recommendation is to set and call it at an appropriate interval.

What should be considered for Travel Rule compliance when supporting withdrawals via API?

Even when exchanges support withdrawals via API for user convenience, they must be designed to comply with the Travel Rule. Considerations in this case include the following:

  • Beneficiary Information: Both local name and English name are required
  • Beneficiary VASP Information: Data matched with 'entityId' is needed. In this case, post and manage a separate list returned by CODE's 'VASP List Search' API, or creating an API to query this, can also be a solution.
  • Designing a Travel Rule compliant system: Ensure that during withdrawals via API, the information of both the originator and beneficiary obtained through CODE shall be recored.

Please refer to the Withdrawal Via API page for detailed explanation.

'accountNumber': is it user's wallet address or exchange's wallet address?

The 'accountNumber' should contain the user's wallet address. To qualify as Travel Rule data, the address must be able to clearly distinguish originator and beneficiary as natural person(or legal person). Furthermore, inputting the user's wallet address guarantees that assets will be returned safely when the transaction is canceled.

'currency': it network symbol or coin symbol?

The 'currency' should be the coin symbol known as coin ticker. And it is case-insensitive.

'tradePrice': how should it be calculated?

The 'tradePrice' refers to the amount of the virtual asset converted into fiat currency. If there is no in-house pricing information available, it is necessary to convert using the price API of another VASP, and the calculation method is as follows:

For example, if transferring 2 BTC and the current price is $42,708, the total price would be 42,708 * 2 = $85,416. In this case, enter as follows: Input the fiat currency code following the ISO 4217 standard in 'tradeCurrency'.

"tradePrice": "85416", 
"tradeCurrency": "USD",